Using Motorbunny with Chaturbate

Updated July 29th 2022

  1. In order to use the Chaturbate integration you must first generate a token from Chaturbate.  Go to to generate your unique token. If you already have this token you can skip this step. *Note: You must select both Stats and Events API checkboxes.Stats Token Authorization - Chaturbate 2022-12-06 12-02-05.png
  2. Stats Token Authorization - Chaturbate 2022-12-06 12-09-05.png
  3. Download the latest Motorbunny LINK app from the App Store here:  iOS  or Android
  4. Set your phone display to always on and plug your phone in!  Note: If you put MB Link in background you risk iOS or Android breaking your bluetooth connection.
  5. Open Motorbunny LINK app and connect your Motorbunny
  6. Tap the gear icon
  7. Tap to enable Chaturbate integration
  8. Settings.jpg
  9. Enter Credentials and hit the back button
  10. Chaturbate Settings.png
  11. Once done go to the Chaturbate 2.0 Apps section and search for "Motorbunny Fuel".
  12. Once connected the Motorbunny FUEL API will be ready to accept FUEL notifications!  You can override these on the phone itself.  Don't forget you can set a maximum buzz level in the settings ;)

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