Motorbunny LINK Controller FAQ

What phones and tablets are compatible with the MB LINK app?

   • iPhone 4s/5/5C/5S/6/6+/6s/6s+/SE and later

   • iPod Touch 5th Generation and later

   • iPad 3/4/Air and later

   • iPad Mini 1/2 and later

   • Android 4.3 and later with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled

Please check back for updates as we add new phone models and information to this list. Note that the app and controller may also work with other devices equipped with Bluetooth® 4.0 and running either iOS 7 or Android™ 4.3 or newer. But these devices internally and have not been tested and compatibility cannot be guaranteed.

What about Windows phones and Blackberries?
In order to get the Motorbunny LINK Controller into action for as many users as possible, as quickly as possible, there are no current plans to develop app for Windows phone and Blackberry. If demand presents itself, we will look into it!

Which products work with the MB LINK app?
The Motorbunny is the only product that the MB LINK app currently controls. But check back soon for more options!

Is there an Internet interface for remote operation of my partner's Motorbunny via Wifi or cam site integration? 
Not yet, but soon! We anticipate adding this functionality to the MB LINK app right around the end of the year. Sorry for the wait, but we want to make sure that experience is as seamless as our customers deserve. The good news is that, when it comes out, it will update automatically and you won't need to do anything to be ready for it. 

What is the return policy on Motorbunny LINK controllers? Does the 45-day satisfaction guarantee apply?
We want you to be 100% satisfied with your Motorbunny experience, so of course!

Is the LINK Controller covered by a warranty?
There is no written warranty specifically for the Motorbunny LINK Controller, but Motorbunny will honor complaints against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. If you discover a defect, just notify us and we’ll fix or replace it!

What do I do with my old controller?
If you must send your unit in for a free modification upgrade, you’ll be instructed to include your old controller for recycling. If you don’t require an upgrade, we recommend hanging on the controller as a backup, just in case.

What if the rider doesn’t like the routine or intensity that I choose?
The rider can take back control manually at any time by turning the “buzz” and “twirl” dials to ‘0’.

When will long-distance control (Internet) functionality be added?
We anticipate adding this capability by 2018. Sign up for our newsletter and we’ll keep you updated!

How does it connect?
The Motorbunny LINK Controller connects to your smartphone or tablet using a Bluetooth™ low energy (Bluetooth Smart) connection.

How do I connect the app to the Motorbunny LINK Controller?
Just connect the controller, plug it in, open the app, and it will search for and pair automatically.

Is my data protected?
There is no data captured by the MB LINK app. It is strictly an extended version of the controller, and you don’t need to sign on or jump through any hoops in order to use it with your Motorbunny.

How does the LINK Controller sync with music?
Currently, the MB LINK app reacts only to music stored on your smart device. Ambient (microphone-reaction) syncing should be available soon!

Will it sync to music from a third-party streaming app?
No. Currently, it only reacts to music stored locally in your phone or tablet’s music library.

What is the maximum distance at which the MB LINK app can control a Motorbunny?
Pairing should work well within about 15 feet, but lots of factors can affect this. We recommend staying within about 10 feet to maintain a good connection.

Can multiple people with the MB LINK app control one Motorbunny at once?
No, only one MB LINK app may be connected to a Motorbunny at a time.

Can I share custom “Buzz” and “Twirl” routines I’ve created?
There is currently no way to transfer saved routines to another user.

What if I close the app while the Motorbunny is running?
The Motorbunny will stop responding and revert to manual controls.

My MB LINK app and Motorbunny LINK Controller are not pairing. What do I do?
Ensure your Bluetooth is enabled. If the Bluetooth is switched ON, turn if OFF and then back ON. Check with your device manufacturer if you need instructions on how to do this.
Make sure your Motorbunny is plugged in, and the Motorbunny LINK Controller is securely screwed in.
Make sure your Motorbunny and phone are within Bluetooth range (about 10 feet).
Check to see that your smartphone is Bluetooth™ 4.0 compatible and is a supported device with an up-to-date operating system version.

Still have questions?
No worries! Email us at and we’ll hop right on your issue!


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